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For the first time ever in the world within VI International music festival «BelgorodMusicFest - Borislav Strulev and Fiends» there will take place a "ArtCello" competition and concert-exhibition where we present world famous artists from all corners of the globe.

You have come to this website - not incidentally!

Infinity of the fusion of arts will be expressed by you on cello. Go beyond sides of regular art representations, inhale a full speed, feel freedom, be inspired by music and create.

Perception of the 21st century has brought art to a new level.


Your temples – electric cello Yamaha, Your art frame - electric cello Yamaha.


Your art will be exhibiting on cello while live music performance.


Show your talent along with distinguished artists of our time: Vasily Kafanov,

Mark Kostabi, Alexander Zhernokluev and others.


Borislav Strulev - Yamaha artist, plays on electric cello SVC 110SK



The simple rules of the competition.

Works are accepted in three categories:

1. Young artists - up to 16 years old;

2. Professional artists;

3. Art lovers and not professional.


Download patterns - temples with exact scale and form of the inserts and become

part of competition and part of ArtCello.


Please send your work until 1 March 2017 by the following addresses:


56-a, Belgorodskogo polka st., Belgorod, 308001, Russian Federation


1905 Goda Ulitsa., Dom 23., Apt. 74., Moscow 123022, Russian Federation


BORISLAV STRULEV , 2 South Pinehurst Ave. apt 2F. NEW YORK NY 10033, USA

Instruction to participants of a competition - technical hints:

Base for pictures (not heavy materials!):  canvas for painting covered with primer (on a pattern-temples), canvas on cardboard (on a pattern-temples), primed cardboard (on a pattern-temples), cardboard with foam rubber and other traditional oriented art materials, good to keep the paint (on a pattern-temples).

The preferred materials: acrylic paints, oil (necessarily dried out), tempers tempera, if you are using the free-flowing or fearful moisture paint: gouache, pastels, crayons, water color, crayons, carefully covered with a protective matte lacquer.


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